Challenging Cases in Migraine Dx Connect

Challenging Cases in Migraine Dx Connect

Migraine Dx Connect is a dedicated area for information, resources, and cross-specialty collaboration on the latest treatments in migraine prevention. One of the many benefits of focus areas in your Skipta community is access to exclusive Curbside Consults specific to your treatment area. In Migraine Dx Connect, these include both case studies and challenging patient cases that are specific to headache and migraine disorders.

One of the recent cases posted in Migraine Dx Connect involves a 22-year-old female recently diagnosed with high-frequency episodic migraine who insists her headaches have increased in frequency and duration over the past two weeks. She is a non-smoker, takes no medications, resides with a boyfriend, and reports drinking red wine two nights per week.

This case poses the question: should you prescribe a different migraine medication for the patient? Is there anything in the patient’s record that indicated a potential migraine trigger?

Another of the advantages that members gain from a Focus Area is the ability to collaborate across Skipta communities with HCP’s from a variety of different treatment areas. This Curbside Consult prompted a discussion between Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, Neurologists, and Pharmacists all answering the question posed at the end of this case. Some members believed the red wine was to blame. Others called for a more thorough history of the patient’s medications and a neurologic exam.

What do you think?

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