Getting the Most Out of Your Skipta Community Membership

Getting the Most Out of Your Skipta Community Membership

Learn more about all of the benefits included in your free Skipta community membership. Watch this video on how to easily navigate your community home stream and start connecting with your peers.

Find your community at Once you’re registered, use the Home stream to share your own clinical case or updates for other medical professionals in your field to share, follow, like, and comment.

Next, head over to the Curbside Consult tab where you can consult with colleagues in real-time on challenging patient cases. Create your own Curbside Consult to gain insight from your peers on a puzzling case. You can also browse through an overview of Curbside Consult’s to add your own expertise on a variety of topics; share your opinions and experiences in the comment section and follow the case for further updates.

Explore the Showcase tab which allows members to engage with content and resources created by some of the leading professional organizations and universities.

In the News tab, you can stay up-to-date with the top articles and updates relevant to your community.

Think you can get the top score? Go to the Compete tab to access clinical games and medical challenges where you can demonstrate your knowledge and compete against your peers.

Time for a fresh start? Skipta’s Careers feature allows members to search for their next job opportunity. Narrow down your preferences and apply directly from the recruiter’s site.

In the Focus Area tab, you will find a dedicated area for information, resources, and cross-specialty collaboration specific to your specialized concentration. You can access relevant content, challenging cases, and cross-collaboration with verified physicians throughout multiple Skipta communities.

Interested in learning more about Skipta and all of its community features? Check out our FAQ page for more information. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for the latest videos related to Skipta and all of its communities!

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