What is a Focus Area?

What is a Focus Area?

A Focus Area is a dedicated area for information, resources, and cross-specialty collaboration within your Skipta community allowing you to access a variety of content specific to your specialized concentration. This space includes relevant news updates, Curbside Consults, exclusive information, and educational resources.

Skipta understands the importance of convenience, so your Focus Areas can be accessed directly through a tab on your community’s home stream; a separate website or log-in is not required.

Along with all of the benefits of your own community, you can now collaborate in real-time with members from other Skipta communities who are also involved in your treatment area. You have the ability to post your own Curbside Consult directly in your Focus Area to gain valuable insight on challenging cases from colleagues across Skipta’s communities.

Being a member of the Skipta world has so many advantages and we continue adding benefits to your membership. Register today to access your focus area:

Do you treat Migraines? Find Migraine Dx Connect in Doctor UniteGeneration NPNeurologist Connect PA Unite, and Pharmacist Society.

Do you concentrate on immuno-oncology treatment? Find I-O Connect in Doctor Unite, Gastroenternologist Connect, Generation NP, Medical Direcotrs Forum, Oncology Nation, PA Unite, Patholigist Connect, and Surgeon Nation.

Are you interested in Lipid Management? Find Lipid Management Connect in Cardiologist ConnectEndocrinologist Nation, and Doctor Unite.

Stay tuned for new Focus Areas coming to your Skipta community.